Financial Account Manager

Newton, Massachusetts, United States


The financial account manager duties include:


Skills and Experience:


Hours and Compensation:

Additional Benefits:

Potential for Advancement:

Year 1: Financial Account Manager

Within your first year, you will grow relationships with your clients and have a direct influence on their everyday profitability and financial health.

Year 2: Senior Financial Account Manager

In your second year, you will begin working towards the following responsibilities:

- Management of higher-profile, more complex clients

- Management of a small team of first-year account managers

Year 3: Management

In your third year, you will have the opportunity to advance to a higher management position with the

following responsibilities:

- Oversee second-year managers and a larger team of employees

- Have a direct influence on the decision-making and growth of DesignerAdvantage

- Discuss and expand into other areas of interest within the company

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